Bachelor of Theology Degree in Pastoral Ministry


The bachelor of theology degree in pastoral ministry is a three-year distance education programme comprising 360 credits on the NQF (South African National Qualifications Framework) Level 6. The BTh degree will equip men and women, laity, and clergy in the African context for ministry and leadership in the local, district, and global church. The degree will be offered through a distance education format. Students may continue their theological education by studying from their homes. Residency is not required for the BTh degree.

The qualification is fully accredited by the South African Council of Higher Education, SAQA, and the Department of Education. NTC’s qualifications and registration are listed under SAQA website at: Registration number: 2001/HE08/004.


12 Credits per module. 360 Credits total: NQF Level 6

First Year

HM 110 Writing and Research
BS 110 Survey of Old Testament
BS 120 Survey of New Testament
PT 110 Personal Christian Development
HT 110 Historical Development of Christianity
PT 120 Church Multiplication Movement
HT 120 African and World Religions
SO 120 Introduction to Psychology
HT 130 History and Polity of the International and African Church of the Nazarene
PT 140 Elements of Effective Preaching I

Second Year

DT 210 Wesleyan Theology of Holiness
BS 200 Elements of Scriptural Interpretation
BS 210 Pentateuch and Hebrew Prophets
PT 210 Biblical Conflict Management
SO 220 Introduction to Sociology
PT 220 Administering the Local Church
PT 230 Elements of Christian Education
BS 220 Synoptic Gospels
BS 230 Theological Elements of Johannine Literature
PT 240 African Spirituality and Divine Healing

Third Year

DT 300 Systematic Theology I
DT 310 Systematic Theology II
DT 320 Theological Ethics
BS 310 Pauline Epistles
BS 320 Poetic and Wisdom Literature
PT 310 Elements of Effective Preaching II
HM 320 Intro to Philosophy
BC 320 Pastoral Care and Counselling
PT 330 Comprehensive Mini Thesis
* Elective Study Course – options below

Elective Study Course

* Elective Study Courses – Each student must chose at least one elective study course, but is permitted to take as many as desired for additional credits

BC 340 HIV/AIDS Care and Counselling
BS 340 Exploring John Wesley’s Theology
PT 340 Youth Ministry