1. General Requirements
  2. Types of Admission
  3. Application Procedure
  4. Acceptance Notification



Nazarene Theological College invites prospective learners who have sensed the call of God to a life of Christian service and who wish to develop holistically and move toward self-fulfilment in Christ. As the College exists to serve the educational needs of all the districts of the Church of the Nazarene, Africa South Field, as well as for the wider Christian family, the applicant must be willing to live and function harmoniously within a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic context.

Furthermore, the applicant should:

  1. Be a bona fide Christian.
  2. Be concerned to serve God and serve man more effectively.
  3. Sense that intellectual ability, character, seriousness of purpose, and willing identification with the objectives of the College are necessary.
  4. Expect to supply references and obtain the recommendations from his/her minister, district superintendent, local church board, and high school principal or employer.
  5. Have a standard ten (Grade 12) High School certificate as the desired norm for admission to most Programmes of study.

All candidates for admission to Nazarene Theological College must meet the requirements established by the College.

Diploma and Certificate Programme Requirements
 A Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or its equivalent is required for enrolment in the Diploma or Certificate programmes.


Candidates may be granted one of the two types of admissions: Regular, Recognition of Prior Learning or Special Learner:

Regular Learner
Regular learner status is given to learners whose application documents are complete and who meet the following admission standards:
Senior Certificate (Grade 12) for the Diploma and Certificate programmes.
Special Learner
Special learner status is given to learners who meet regular or mature admission requirements but who are not pursuing a specific programme. No certificate will be awarded.


To apply for admission to NTC, write to the Registrar and request an application packet. This packet contains all the necessary application and recommendation forms. The applicant is responsible to see that all the required parts of the application packet are sent to the College. Full admission is contingent upon all required documents and transcripts being received by the College.

A non-refundable application fee must accompany the application to NTC.

South African Applicants
Applications may be submitted until November 30 of the year preceding the intended year of enrolment in order to allow adequate time for processing. If application forms are sent to NTC after this date, a late application fee will be charged.

International Applicants
Applications from international learners should be posted to the NTC Registrar by June 30 of the year preceding the year of intended enrolment. If this deadline is not met, a late application fee will be charged.

International learners must be aware that securing a study permit may take anywhere between 3 and 6 months. For this reason, they are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible. International learners must fax through a valid copy of their study permit to NTC before leaving their country of their origin. Transport to and from College under any circumstances is the responsibility of the Learner. International learners must pay their fees for the year in advance in full. They must also secure a medical insurance that is recognised in South Africa before they come.

Transfer Learners
Learners transferring from another college or university must follow the application procedure for new learners as well as submit to the Registrar official transcripts of all previous post-secondary work. When requested by the applicant, previous credit will be evaluated by the Senate and advanced standing awarded in accordance with the policies of the College.

Credit may be granted for subjects or courses passed in which a minimum mark equivalent to the following has been attained:

Diploma and Certificate         C symbol, that is 60%

No credit will be granted for subjects or courses not directly relating to NTC’s programmes of study and requirements. At least half of all credits for a Diploma and Certificate must be earned at NTC.

Former Learners
Learners who wish to re-enrol after an absence of one year or more must re-apply for admission. They will be expected to supply new references and transcripts of any studies completed since leaving NTC. When requested by the applicant, the Senate will determine any credit given for studies done elsewhere. A request must be supported by full documentation.


Admission to NTC is based on several factors:

  1. Personal information,
  2. Indemnity form,
  3. Learner Commitment form,
  4. The High School record,
  5. Recommendation supplied by character references; i.e., the pastor, church board, employer or high school principal,
  6. Personal health record and doctor’s report,
  7. Ability to pay college fees,
  8. Academic certificates,
  9. Two passport photos,
  10. Application fee. No action will be taken unless application fee is paid.

The learner’s fitness for college work will be judged on the overall picture provided by the above information. When all application materials have been received, including certified copies of transcripts and/or a high school certificate, the candidate will be notified of acceptance status in writing. Full acceptance will be granted to eligible learners. Occasionally conditional acceptance will be granted to learners whose admission files are incomplete; however, such learners must complete their files during their first semester, or they will not be allowed to continue and they may not receive credit for their work.

A candidate will also be notified when not accepted for admission, but will be permitted to apply again when acceptable standards are met.

 Resident learners who have been accepted should furnish their own linen, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, desk lamps, cutlery and crockery as desired.

 Admission may not be denied on the basis of ethnic origin, sex, or nationality. No qualified person, able to meet the financial requirements of the College, will be denied admission to NTC provided he or she has a genuine desire for education and agrees to observe the behavioural expectations of the college.

 Physically challenged applicants will be assisted in all possible ways at Nazarene Theological College. Any applicant who meets the admission requirements will be given an opportunity to study. However, special aids are the responsibility of the applicant.

As with all learners, the physically challenged learners will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Together, the learner and advisor will explore the special needs of the learner. These needs will be conveyed to the Vice Principal of Academics. The Vice Principal of Academics will take these needs to the entire faculty for consideration and adjustment of requirements in the modules that the learner is taking. The adjustments must not compromise the academic integrity of the programme in which the learner is registered.


All new residency learners are expected to attend orientation sessions that are held during registration week of the first semester. Orientation is designed to acquaint new learners with the programmes, procedures, academic, and Learner life policies of the College.

Registration is the process whereby learners are officially enrolled for each semester of the academic year. It must be completed in person during the time stipulated in the Calendar of Events of the College. New learners may be required to enrol a day earlier than returning learners.   The registration process includes:

  • Having fees assessed and making payment to the Business Office.
  • Completing a registration form in consultation with the Registrar.

Registration is not complete until fee payment or fee payment arrangements are made with the Business Office and the registration form is returned to the Registrar.

Learners registering at a date later than designated in the Calendar of Events will be charged a late registration fee. The Registrar provides detailed registration instructions at the time of registration.

Board charges for children resident at College are prorated as follows:

  • Under 2 years-responsibility of parents (stay for free).
  • 2-6 years is 25% of the full fee.
  • 7-11 years is 75% of the full fee.
  • No food services are available when College is not in session.


Family Fees

A wife or husband who accompanies her husband or his wife to College is charged full learner fees. See the above sections on accommodation and board for the requirements and fees and those of children.

Due to accommodation problems, families may be asked to bring only two pre-school children.

Single parents may not bring children since we have accommodation for singles and couples only.