Nazarene Theological College is looking for facilitator/lecturer for Wesleyan Theology. The candidate must be a born again Christian from a Wesleyan background, preferably an active member of the Church of the Nazarene
A minimum of an MA in Theology or an equivalent qualification in Theology, plus at least 5 years of pastoral or teaching experience. The candidate must have place to further his/her studies in the area of Wesleyan Theology.
The lecturer is responsible to the Vice Principal for Academics
The lecturer will teach a maximum of 3 modules per semester.
The lecturer will fulfil the responsibilities relative to the teaching assignment (submission of syllabi and exams to the AcademicDean, timely submission of grades, etc.)
The lecturer will have minimal administrative duties; i.e. attendance at faculty meetings, possible membership on the Senate, serving as student advisor, etc.

Job Description
1. To sit in Senate meetings where academic matters are discussed and present a report to the Senate; advise the Academic Dean on matters affecting the theology department; recommend lectures/facilitators for theology modules; evaluate and recommend textbooks for use for each theology module; visit classes at least once a semester in order to monitor progress and to advise wherever necessary; be responsible for both teacher and course evaluation; receive, check and approve semester syllabi as well as theology examinations from lecturesbefore they are written.
Remuneration and Benefits
a) Basic Salary = R12317.52 monthly;
b) Pension = 4.5% monthly from employer and 4% paid by employee;
c) Medical benefit = 15% of basic salary;
d) Housing on campus with a maximum of R1086.36 monthly utilityallowance
e) Annual bonus = 50% – 100% of monthly basic salary if and when paid;